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Coverwood Artisan Meat

Naturally reared, free range grass fed beef and lamb.


Our pedigree Hereford beef and lamb are raised on our farm here in the Surrey hills. We pride ourselves on their happiness and the quality of the grass and hay that we feed them. This ensures that the meat we produce is second to none.  


The beef is hung for a minimum of five weeks and all meat is professionally butchered locally and vacuum packed for freshness.



This is offered in a number of ways.


Roasting Joints - Top Rump, Top Side, Rolled Rib (premium roasting joint)

Braising and Stewing/Blade Steak


Fillet, Sirloin, Rump, T-Bone, Rib-Eye Steaks

BBQ - Herb and onion burgers / minute steaks / herb and mustard sausages

All priced individually.

Also approximate10kg and 5kg packs.


A standard pack will typically comprise 3-4 kg of roasting joints (typically top side and top rump), 0.5 kg of sirloin steak 2 and 0.5kg of rump steak (2 steaks per pack so 4 in total), 3kg of mince, 2 kg of mostly braising and stewing steak (mostly braising.)


Guide prices on beef packs is £150 for a 10 kg pack or £80 for a 5 kg pack.



We offer this either as a half or whole lamb or in part. To give you an idea of what constitutes a half lamb pack, it is made up as follows:


Shoulder (can be cut/packed in two)

Leg (can be cut/packed in two)



Neck Fillet



Guide price on lamb is £95 per half or £180 per a whole lamb.


All prices subject to confirmation.


We can provide our meat to order so if you have a special event coming up and want a certain joint in a particular size we will be happy to oblige! We will also supply wholesale, half/whole carcase or simply braising steak, mince or joints - whatever you need.


We always welcome vistors to come and select the meat if they so wish or alternatively, dependent on location and the order placed, delivery may be available too.


Fresh v Frozen

If you are registered with us we will advise you by email when the next delivery of fresh meat will be arrriving from the butcher. We will then store the surplus meat in our chiller trailer, after which we will 'blast' freeze it.


By 'blast' freezing the meat, a process that was developed for restaurants who wanted the freshest meat available the meat is frozen in a very short period of time which locks in the juices and freshness and holds it in this condition until ready for use. When using the general freezer method, the meat is slowly frozen, which causes the juices to become dissipated. This releases enzymes that result in damage to the cells of the meat, that continue to degenerate even throughout its freezing process. Since the blast freezing process freezes the entire meat quickly, the storage life is greatly lengthened to that of a domestic freezing method without sacrificing taste and quality.



How to order/enquire:

Call 01483 801093 or Email Us